The Little Mouse in Clocktown

Interactive adventure of a Little Mouse into the world of wondrous clocks

You can download here!

  • More than 20 interactive scenes
  • Animation, sound effects
  • original soundtrack
  • games, home audio theatre
  • English, Deutsch, Russian
You can download here!
Interactive adventure
The Little Mouse in Clocktown
One day, the Little Mouse opened his eyes and was totally surprised. He barely had time to blink before one season was replaced by another. It was at this point that he decided to take a trip into the world of time and figure out what was going on. There, he met the incredible creatures that live in this world, and each and every one of them told him their story. It turned out that the clocks in which each of these creatures live perfectly corresponded to their individual personalities, thoughts, and even hobbies. Then, The Little Mouse started to wonder how his own clock worked, and who, if not he himself, controlled it.
Interactive e-book for kids children and their parents. An adventure of a little Mouse into the world of wondrous clocks
Clocks that you have never seen before!

a Story that you’ve never heard before…

Heroes that you’ve never met before
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